Blog Revision & News

The time has come again to rethink my vision and outlook for this blog – over the next few weeks, minor changes will come in the form of subject and text rather than aesthetics.  The ‘core’ of what this blog is about is really the ‘core’ of who I am and how I live my days.  I’ve wanted to make some sort of ‘statement’ post regarding these changes for many weeks now, and a silent push of encouragement from a good friend has made it finally happen.

Some ‘featured posts’ I typically do {or have done frequently in the past}, are being let go.  For one, who really cares what I’m wearing for the day?  Is that truly why people are reading this blog?  I don’t want any readers confusing me for any fabulous fashion blogger they may know, and subsequently expect daily outfit posts from me.  Fashion is not what drives me in the least.  I do have a respect for the art form, but mostly, I just want to be assured that I look put-together and decent for the day’s events.

Another point begging to be mentioned is my love for public health.  It’s my chosen profession, and I post about it over on my other blog, Well Aware, from time to time.  Anything personal that I want to share (i.e. Weight loss, working out, and eating healthy food) does not necessarily fall under the large heading of public health, and therefore will remain on this blog.  Keeping things compartmentalized is how I roll.  Please go and enjoy Well Aware if that’s your thing!

On that same note, I have some exciting news to share – 
I’ve been accepted to attend a Master in Public Health program to get my MPH degree!  
I’ll be starting in the fall, attending classes part-time, until I finish the degree in 2015.  It’s a long road, but it will do nothing but help my career in the end.  I’ve taken about 5 years off from school at this point, and I’m ready to delve back in.

I'll also be continuing {or starting?} my book reviews.  Sure, I have my Goodreads page at the top of the blog, but I'd like to share more of my reading opinions here.  After moving to the area, I joined a book club - these folks are usually my sounding board for my thoughts on the books we read.  Look forward to a post on our most recent read soon!

I hope you like the changes I'm making around here!  One last thing - I LOVE when people comment.  Even if you think you don't have anything good to write, please make a comment anyway.  It lets me know folks are reading this garble I'm writing.  Thank you for reading!


  1. Change is good. Progress is good. Moving forward is good. Those of us who read you every day are interested in your life and what you choose to write about. And that's not just because I'm your Mama.

  2. Congrats on getting into the program! I look forward to reading about your passions, whatever they may be! <3


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