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As I said before, I am very backed up on PGH Dining posts.  For example, the post you're about to read was from a dinner we ate in late February.  I apologize for my tardiness!  Rock Bottom is part of the restaurant chain that encompasses Gordon Biersch (Craft Works Restaurants & Breweries), which was one of our favorite "beer and bite" restaurants in Dallas.  Husband and I had no idea when we first stopped in to the location in Pittsburgh's Waterfront shopping area. 

We should have known, after we were offered an extensive beer flight from their in-house brewed beers. Of course we ordered it.
 Of the nine beers we tried, we liked all but two. Definitely go check out the beers they have available now, as the ones we tried were still winter selections. The flight was a great price, and usually our choice when trying a microbrewery for the first time. 
 They have their available beers chalked out on a huge board near the entrance of the restaurant.  So many to choose from!
 We opened the 13,467-page menu and looked for comfort food items.  It was winter, you guys.  We saw and ordered the chili {which came with cheddar and beans tucked inside}. 
 For a chili with beans, it was nice and relaxed.  This is an unoffensive chili, which is not spicy at all. I love and welcome all chilis.
We moved on to a blue cheese wedge salad, which is one of Husband's favorite things to order anywhere. {Other items he loves to order include French onion soup and tortilla soup.}
 I thought it was chunky and floppy, but Husband finished it off like it was going out of style.
Next, we moved on to a barbecue chicken pizza, which is an old-hat notion; however, we were intrigued by the thought of a barbecue sauce at a Northeastern restaurant. 
 It was super sweet, and a thin glazing of it. The cilantro and crema-like sauce made the pizza.
 For good measure, we also threw in a side of the garlic mashed potatoes. They were served ice cream scoop-style, and with the red skins mixed in. We added our heavy dash of black pepper and enjoyed the creamy potatoes.
 We finished off our meal {essentially made of appetizers} with a coffee and a plate of cinnamon-sugary donut holes.
 We really weren't going to order dessert. 
 But who can say no to coffee and donuts? We left the caramel sauce in the dust {too mass-produced in taste}, but gobbled the donuts with our coffee. 
It was no Gordon Biersch {Garlic Fries!}, but it was nice stomach-padding winter treat meal. 

Neighborhood: The Waterfront
Good For: Beer and Filling Bites
Gems: Large Menu and Fun Beer Selection
Drawbacks: Unadventurous Menu
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