Visual Evidence

I promise to stop blowing up your Twitter feeds, Google Readers and Facebook pages about the Giant Eagle Market District and Creta Farms event after I share this one last thing: You can catch photos and a video of the event on the Acrobatique blog, The High Wire. 

My thoughts on my demo: Someone should have told me to turn down the bubbliness!  I’m fairly sure I seemed like an idiot, and I apologize to bloggers everywhere for giving us a {potentially, likely eventual} bad rap!  I was just happy to be there!  Honestly.
Cooking Demo: That's me on the far left! {Courtesy of Acrobatique Creative}
In other news, this weekend was full of prepping for the aforementioned event, then was followed by recouping with Husband through the aid of homemade Thai food and movies on the couch.  Now it is Monday again, and it’s back to the grindstone.  Tonight is a laundry night, so you might get a two-fer posting today!
How was your weekend?  What did you think of the video?


  1. You look TOTALLY professional - the next Ina Garten!!!! And husband is a cutie too!
    Your recipe looks fabulous, what a great idea!
    You are the best cook EVER!!

  2. You weren't too bubbly at all! You were enthusiastic, charming, and poised. Your adorable Southern accent was definitely shining through. ;)


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