Quick Hello!

Hi there.
Yes, hi to you.
There’s really no reason for this post, but only for me to stop by and say “hi.”
What do I want to be doing with this post? Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to dedicate to typing a PGH Dining review, as I so desperately want to because of the multitude of food photos and the STACK of reviews I have lined up; however, while promising nothing, I am planning to write up a storm this weekend. No pun intended, considering the monsoons we’ve been having.

My days this week have been full of coffee, reading, a tad of cooking, listening to new music, trying to get back into spinning, and making holiday travel plans. What can I say? This planner married a planner, thus, we plan.

So, how are y’all doing? Anything new in your lives?

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  1. I'm crazy backed up on blogging, too! I have unedited outfit photos languishing in my photos folder and four different half-finished posts sitting around my Blogger dashboard. Bluh to long weeks.


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