Weekend Report: The Olympics!

With dinner in my stomach, my feet propped on the coffee table, I'm queuing up some more of my 2012 Olympics coverage.  Our weekend has been full of watching the insane, incredible action of the Olympics, starting with the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night.
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{Huge Confession Time} 
I am ashamed to say that I've never truly watched the Olympics.  Sure, I've seen news clips of American all-stars or outstanding moments of record-setting.  All that said, I've never been one to get excited and make a calendar countdown until the Opening Ceremonies. It's embarrassing, possibly un-American, but true.  I grew up not really watching it in the home, so when Husband and I watched the ceremonies, it was a first.
I casually said to Husband that I hadn't ever watched a full Olympic event or an opening ceremony and he about lost it.  He made sure he recorded as much as our DVR would fit, then gave me a wide-eyed lecture of the importance of appreciating sport.

Whew.  Confessions are good.

So, here are my thoughts about Friday night's ceremonies.  The displays were spectacular, and I learned a lot about the hosting country {England}. Much to Husband's chagrin, my favorite part was the parade of the 204 countries.  It's amazing to see the marching Olympians smile and lift their arms in a gracious wave to the onlookers.  In true outfit-loving style, I'll share my favorites and least favorite uniform choices:

Belgium: I loved the literal incorporation of their flag's colors into the women's dresses/shirts. The buttons along the coat sleeves and the low black heels are perfect details.
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San Marino: These outfits were effortlessly classy, from their stacked heels to the well-cut dresses. The men look sharp.
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Great Britain: I loved the gold and white together. It is very trendy and fresh, and makes their faces shine.
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India: The bright yellow paired with the navy is so eye-catching, and immediately said 'India' to me.
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{Least Favorites}
Czech Republic: Blue rubber boots and tights.  Need I say more?

Canada: There's no differentiation between men and women. Let's all just wear super long zip-up windbreakers!
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Germany: These coats were far too trendy, and much different than the usual blazer. 
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 A word about our own American outfits: Putting the "not Made in America" snafu aside, the overall look is very Ralph Lauren. Clean, fresh and classic.  When you look at the details, I'm not so sure it was an A+.  The length of the skirt could have been much more contemporary, and the berets were all over the place.  I am no beret expert, but I felt the placement was all wrong on most of the Olympians.  I do appreciate a good beret.  In general, I love that most teams have their Olympians wearing hats of some sort. 

The outstanding moment of the Opening Ceremonies was the final 'lighting' of the Olympic Torch.  Spectacular.
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And, I love fireworks. Those shots of the fireworks going off along the river were incredible. 

I didn't see the renown Beijing ceremonies, but these were fabulous. I was sad when the 3-hour DVR event was over!  
On another note: Who knew archery could be so enthralling? I'm so proud of our American Olympians! 
Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings
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Ryan Lochte
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Kim Rhode
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What were your thoughts on the Olympics so far?


  1. Just like Michael, I've been watching the Olympics for years! We have been watching it all weekend. The Beijing ceremonies were wonderful, but I really liked London’s too. They were so different, so its hard to compare them. I have to say my favorite part is always when the Olympians walk in, too. I loved the tree with all the flags, and the Queen and James Bond, of course.

    1. I must have missed that boat! I also loved the London ceremonies because it gave you a small sense of their industrial history. I actually thought the James Bond/The Queen part was a little cheesy. The Queen jumping out of a plane? Not likely! She's such an unforgettable figure though - so ladylike!

  2. I agree with your fashion comments - Belgium and San Marino looked totally cool. Very classy.
    I think wearing your country's flag colors is a must.

    1. Of course I'd be the one critiquing their uniforms...! I never thought I'd be 'in' to the Olympics, but it's definitely found a spot in my heart now that I've given long-distance running a shot!
      I'm glad you tuned in for the ceremonies!

  3. LOVELOVELOVE the Olympics! I made C sit down and watch the Opening Ceremony with me, and he was surprisingly in to it! So far, we've watched lots of swimming (oh, Lochte, you were so close!) and gymnastics (my favorite). I'm pretty sure I will be doing nothing else the next two weeks. :)

    1. I just goes to show that your partner is good for introducing you new things. :)
      I've actually been having Olympics withdrawls all day, but resisting the urge to look at the medal count. I don't want to ruin all of my DVRed goodness!


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