PGH Dining: Franktuary Food Truck

When my in-laws were in town we stopped at the Lawrenceville Farmer's Market, and there it was: the famed Franktuary food truck. Ever since Pittsburgh's first restaurant week, I'd been hearing about Franktuary and their delicious offerings {no pun intended} at their location downtown.  It was on my list of places to try, but it jumped the line quickly when I saw the truck in the parking lot of Goodwill.  

I stepped up to the window to order, feeling my full stomach reminding me we'd just eaten lunch. My mind told my stomach it wasn't the boss, and ordered the special feature of the day, made on a standard all-beef frank.
What was the special? The Normandy. My frank would be topped off with a pate made of sweet peas and dressed with a lemon and sage aioli. Say no more.
 The finished product, sliced into thirds, per my order:
 We each gobbled up our third in less than a minute. Flash eat!  The bun was fluffy, warm and graciously held everything together.  The pate was super light, and complimentary to the lemon-scented aioli.  It was such a departure from the normal frank, and just eating it took me back to the days of the burgeoning food truck scene in Dallas. 
 I hope this is the beginning of a long line of food trucking in Pittsburgh. Let's make it happen, people!

Neighborhood: Wherever! Check their Twitter for locations: @Franktuary
Good For: Delish portable food
Gems: The "Featured"
Drawbacks: Can get pricey if you get carried away!

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  1. Um, holy crap does that look good. I just had dinner and now I'm hungry again. Thanks so much for linking up for our blog hop. We were so happy to have you!

  2. Hey there! I live outside of Pittsburgh! And I'm your newest follower :)


  3. Oh my god. I ate a massive burrito for dinner, and now I'm hungry again. That looks so amazing!! Thank you so much for joining our blog hop!


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