{Travel} New York!

Each year, Husband and I take a short trip to celebrate our anniversary.  Our first year we headed to El Dorado Lake outside of Wichita, Kansas, to camp out under the stars.  The next year Husband completely surprised me and took me on a trip to San Antonio, to spend our anniversary on the Riverwalk.  Our third anniversary was in the windy city, Chicago, which I recounted in not one but many posts {1, 2, 3 & 4}.
Those are some of my favorite vacations and certainly some of my most cherished memories.
This year, our minds were just about made up for us shortly after we moved to PA - We're taking a trip to see The City: New York!  It's such a short distance now that we're not in Texas, and we couldn't pass up visiting NYC for our first real trip outside of our new home.
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If you've visited at ANY point in your life, please comment with your favorite moments.  Even walking down a particular street to see something out of the ordinary.  Even a tiny hole-in-the wall restaurant with amazing food.  Even the touristy stuff.  I want it all!


  1. I was in NYC last month, in June. My favorite moment was my walk through Central Park. It was a sunny afternoon. Some guy was making huge soap bubbles at the entrance to the park.

  2. So jealous! I can't wait for my turn to visit The City. Too many other places to go first, though!

  3. I love visiting NYC! My best friend lives right in Manhattan so it's so fun when I go to see her. I'm not sure if you like Mexican food but we went to this great place called Toloache. They have a few locations throughout the city but we went to the one in the Theatre District. I did a post on my trip to NYC this past May if you want to go check it out!


Thanks for your comment; I'm all ears!