A/C in PGH

Yes, indeed – Here we are at the weekend again, and I have to say, I’m looking forward to it. No, this is not ground-breaking, I know. I’m looking forward to this weekend because it affords me the chance to go out and buy an A/C unit. Yes, people, Husband and I have been living in the dark ages, sans air conditioning.
Before you start thinking I’m crazy, let me just tell you one detail. Our realtor, echoed by many others about town, informed us that we didn’t need A/C, and box fans would work out just fine. I see your eyebrows rising. Coming from Texas, this sounded like a dream come true. Extraordinary. The things dreams are made of. Almost too good to be true.

Incidentally, it is too good to be true. Guys, it’s 97 degrees, and RealFeel tells me it’s 102.

Am I back in the South?

It’s clear to me now that Pittsburgh’s weather is as temperamental as Texas’ is. I’d even go so far as to say it’s desert-like at times, significantly cooling after a very hot day.

Anyway, this weekend will hopefully put an end to the heat-suffering we’ve been dealing with. Here’s to looking forward to improved attitudes, better rising yeast doughs {regulated room temp!}, and guests coming over for dinner!


PGH Dining: Shiloh Grill

It's been a while since I ate at Shiloh Grill, and I'm just now getting to write up a post. This is a shame, because it's worth writing about - the staff knows their beer, and any beer lover would enjoy eating at this establishment before or after taking in the view from Mt. Washington.
If you recall from an earlier post about Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, I posted several photos of gorgeous, cold beer. {Can you tell I'm writing this on a hot day?} Many of those photos are of the beer selection at Shiloh Grill.


{Recipe} Big Old Oatmeal Cookies

Here it is - the recipe from the cooking demo Chris Fennimore and Rick Sebak did at the Hometown Homegrown event yesterday. It makes about 3 dozen if you make your cookies dainty. Warning: these are not for the faint of heart, and I'd suggest making them small!

{Big Old Oatmeal Cookies}
Recipe courtesy of Chris Fennimore; a variation on Rick{Sebak}'s Big Old Cookies aka Cowboy Cookies

1 cup butter flavored Crisco
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon cinnamon {I'd use a tablespoon!}
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
3 cups old-fashioned oatmeal
1 cup walnuts
1 cup raisins
1 cup chocolate chips

Cream the shortening with the sugars. Add the eggs, vanilla, water and cinnamon and beat until the mixture is fluffy. Add the flour, salt and baking soda, then mix on low until it forms a batter. Add the walnuts, raisins, and chocolate chips, then mix on very low until they are well incorporated. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Use a small ice cream scoop to measure the dough, and place on parchment covered baking sheet. Use wet fingers to slightly flatten the portions. Bake 10-12 minutes, and remove to a cooling rack.
Finished cookie!


Hometown Homegrown in Pittsburgh

If you made it out to the Hometown Homegrown event at the Senator John Heinz History Center today, you ate a bunch of good local food. Bottom line. If you didn't, well, you better mark your calendar for next year! To pretend you're living in the moment, reread my tweets of the event.
I got there right at 10:00AM, so the action was just starting...



{As of Late}

Let’s just say there are LOTS of things going on in the life of Ashley O.  My busy cycle is coming to a close at work {I’m working normal hours again!!!}, and our visitors keep coming in droves.  At this point we’ve had 7 houseguests over the course of 3 months – whew!  We’re thrilled to have people wanting to stay and visit us, but it can take a lot out of ya!  Husband and I are trying to be the BEST host and hostess, sight-seeing, shopping and eating with each of our guests.  We’ve also seen so much of Pittsburgh since our guest started arriving at the end of April, and it’s been a real treat to act like tourists along with them.  Yes, I’d love another pierogie!
We've gone to several games;
Visited the Phipps Conservatory; 

Walked around the Pitt campus.
Tomorrow night, in fact, we’re going on a water taxi ride that’ll take us on a tour of the Allegheny river and Point State Park.  How touristy.  I can’t wait though, because those city lights on the rivers will be gorgeous.  Hopefully some of my photos will turn out!

This weekend I’ve also been invited to the Hometown-Homegrown event at the John Heinz History Center.   

You guys – it’s an event for foodies that will feature foods from the region… I can’t wait!  Check for my forthcoming post and tweets from the event.

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Questions from 'Burghers

I had a coworker from another section of my department ask me today how long I’d been here. It’s been a little more than three months since I started my new job, and it feels like I started two weeks ago. Time flies!

He also asked where I lived, and I told him in Upper Lawrenceville. This led him to ask what he really meant to ask, which was if I was from here. This was phrased as, “But, you’re not from here, are you?” No, sir, I am not. After I told him I was from the Dallas area, he got really quiet and deadpanly asked, “Are you a die-hard Cowboy fan?”
This seems to be the natural series of questions I always get from ‘Burghers.
However, even after I admit I’m not a Cowboys fan {rest assured}, they are equally appalled that I’m “not really into sports,” either.
Sometimes you just can’t win!


PGH Dining: Grandview Bakery

Heads up - This will be a retrospective post. When James was here, visiting from Texas, we stopped in on a late, rainy morning, to have a second {or third?} breakfast before diving in to a noon beer. It was Pittsburgh's Craft Beer Week after all. 
We'd heard about Grandview Bakery from a random party-goer at one of my coworker's Mustache Party/BBQ {?!}, and sampled a chocolate cupcake and a peanut butter kiss cookie. I finished off two of the cookies, and vowed to visit the next time we were up on Mount Washington. It just so happened, we were there, after riding the Duquesne Incline.
We stepped into the bakery/store and walked immediately up to the colorful case of baked goods.


Wigle Whiskey Tour

One of the Wigle's Whiskey makers themselves contacted me and thanked me for thinking of their whiskey when concocting my cocktail recipe for Braddock's contest.  Meredith Grelli invited me and Husband to come for their tour yesterday, and I was thrilled - I'd tried to book a spot for us while James was visiting, but they were booked solid for weeks! 
Enjoy the tour yourself {if you're in Pittsburgh}, or take a look at a few photos from the incredibly entertaining tour of the facility.
 We stepped into the back room of the Wigle distillery on Smallman Street, and began our tour with...Cocktails!
My cocktail of White Wheat Whiskey and pomegranate juice!


PGH Dining: Bar Marco

If you're walking in the right direction on the right street in Pittsburgh, you'll be lucky enough to see Bar Marco.  Walk in, sit down, and order a drink, because this is an experience all to itself.


Checking In {Best Friend Weekend}

Hi Folks!  I'm taking a second to check in after a fabulous weekend with the best friend and Husband.  We missed having her husband here, but that's how the cards fell this time, unfortunately.  We had a relaxing weekend of food, drinks and taking photos as we walked along, seeing the sights of Pittsburgh.  We were lucky to have great weather {compared to the heatwave of a week ago}. I'll share a few photos from our weekend:
Just arrived!
Drinks & dinner at Round Corner Cantina.
Drinks at Bar Marco. 
Shopping on Butler; at Wildcard.
Lawrenceville Farmer's Market; opening weekend.

Picnic in Highland Park. 

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Monogahela Incline; Mt. Washington.

Love Lock in Oakland.
The Cathedral of Learning.

Diplomacy Rooms: Africa.
Bunny Friend at the Stephen Foster Memorial. 
We had such a fantastic time this weekend!  Next time can't come soon enough.