Braddock's Whiskey Contest & The P.G.H.!

One of my favorite restaurants in town, Braddock's American Brasserie, recently hosted a Whiskey Cocktail Contest, asking for entries of the best whiskey cocktails from Pittsburghers. After holing myself up in my kitchen for a few hours with some peaches, whiskey and ginger, I came up with the P.G.H. {Peach Ginger Hit!}.
Drunkenly perhaps, I based my drink on my viewpoint as a new 'Burgher. While some folks think of Pittsburgh as a has-been, I'm of the camp that celebrates PGH as the Comeback Kid. There's so much to offer here, and the sassy Pittsburgh voice has a lot to say.

Fortunately, the judges heard that voice {however drunken it was}.

I won the contest! Although I didn't receive the most votes {read: Facebook "likes"}, I got the Braddock's vote.  My cocktail was chosen "for the great summer-inspired taste." I feel so honored!
I plan to walk into Braddock's as soon as possible to order my cocktail.

What a blissful moment.
So, here's the recipe for you to make your own P.G.H. at home!

The P.G.H. {Peach Ginger Hit!}
2 Slices of fresh Peach
1 Slice Crystallized Ginger

10 Mint Leaves
1 Part Wigle White Wheat Whiskey
1 Part Ginger Simple Syrup {10-inch knob of ginger, peeled & sliced + 1 Cup Water + 1 Cup Sugar, Boiled, Strained and Cooled}
1 Part Tonic Water
Garnish of Peach Slice + Mint Sprig
Muddle Peach Slices, Crystallized Ginger, and Mint Leaves with Whiskey in a metal shaker. Once well combined, add in Ginger Simple Syrup and 5-6 ice chunks. Shake until metal is icy all over. Strain over glass, and add Tonic Water, Peach Slice and Mint Sprig. Serve!

I used Wigle White Wheat Whiskey, which has an incredible scent {of wheat bread, people}, and a solid whiskey taste. Check it out here.
Will you be ordering the P.G.H. or making it at home? Bring on summer!

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