{Health} Moab Juices!

We've been in a HEATWAVE over the last week, and I was fortunate to have a set of MOAB juices sent to me in the nick of time, people.  100% juice.  A godsend, I tell ya.
 Hello, juices!

  The nice folks with MOAB {Most Optimum Antioxidant Beverage} Juices sent me these beauties to try: Wild Blueberry, Acai, and Pomegranate.
 What's the consensus? I may be a little biased because of the weather, but these organic, nothing-but-juice drinks are rich and flavorful. They taste JUST like their names, and I loved the Pomegranate the most.  Husband was a fan of the Wild Blueberry, which happens to be the most manly of the three.
 The color on the juices were dark and exactly as they should look.  The sign of a good juice!  Check them out!  Seriously.  You can find them at Sure Save, or other grocery stores around the States. Like them on Facebook here
So, here's the fun part: I've also got five {5} free samples for you guys to try! 
 If you're one of the first five to comment, you get one!  Comment away!

*Note: Please comment soon, as the giveaway will be closing on June 30!

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