Sewickley Saturday

This afternoon, I'm doing my usual weekend ritual of blogging while doing laundry at my favorite laundromat in Shadyside. While waiting on my clothes to get sloshy-fresh, I'll recount my day stay-cation with Husband from now two weekends ago in Sewickley. {I promise, this will be the last Sewickley post for a while.}
We began our stay-cation to Sewickley by driving over the 40th Street Bridge across the Allegheny River, then veered out towards our destination. It was a foggy morning, which is somewhat typical in PGH during transitional weather times.
We arrived in Sewickley at 9:30AM, full of coffee and ready for the day. Our first stop was the Sewickley Spa, where I'd arranged for both Husband and I to have a de-knotting neck and back treatment. This is the most popular treatment, and that's surely because it's a great relief for those that work at a computer all day.  
The spa is in a covered house on Beaver Street, one of the main drags in the small town of Sewickley. This is typical for many other small businesses in the area. 
Adorable, yes?
I snapped a quick photo of Husband and I before we went in for our treatment. 
Inside, the house was outfitted with serene decorations/colors. I was cavalier enough to take a few photos while changing into my robe in the bathroom. {I didn't want to be that person.}

After our glorious de-knotting massage treatment, we decompressed in the waiting area. We had our choice of hot tea, lemon water, trail mix, little cakes, and tarts. Of course, we HAD to sample them all.
Husband's declaration of manhood.
We sat there for a good half hour, and weren't disturbed at all. Lovely.
As we were leaving, we noticed a small water feature in the front of the house, complete with little goldfish.
Now that the relaxation was over, it was time to get down to business. We walked up Beaver Street, and enjoyed the "small town-ness" of it all.
We stopped at The Sewickley Cafe for an early lunch {read the review here}, and began shopping in the boutiques and shops afterwards. Evidently, Sewickley was having a soup crawl, and many of the shop owners were participating. {So, WHY did we go PAY for lunch?!?}
Our first stop was in House 15143, which featured a soup from Vivo Kitchen {another restaurant on my wish list}.
A word about the shop - it's incredible. It was a reflection of what we're hoping to achieve in our guest room*, colors and all. Grey and yellow are my "thing" right now. And chevron, it seems.
House 15143 is trendy without being vapid. Sometimes home decor can be just "what's hot" rather than useful. Case-in-point. 

Husband enjoyed the wall of candles, before we moved on. {If you saw my elated post on Facebook, I'll discuss that pillow later!}
We walked along the main streets of Sewickley, and I captured a few photos as we dodged the hungry soup-crawlers.

Inside another home decor shop on Beaver St.
The small town charm was almost too much to take.
Jewelry corner in Threadz Boutique. Look at that chair!
We stopped into Village Candy, and gaped at their selection of bottled drinks. 
Husband, without doubt, chose a Dublin Dr Pepper {May it rest in peace}. 
He's happy about it.
I went for a new-to-me drink - Cheerwine. Unfortunately, there's no wine in the ingredient list, and it tastes strangely like Cherry Coke, but I drink it happily. I can't even imagine how good an ice cream float would be with this stuff.

Then, we decided to get a good look at the non-commercial areas of Sewickley by taking a car tour. With the windows down. The breeze blowing and the sun shining, it was a glorious drive. The houses were insane. If you're looking for that small-town, babyville, this is it! It would be perfect to raise a family there. {Don't get any ideas.}

We ended the day with a dinner of wine and light bites at The Naked Grape Enoteca {You can read my review here}. 
What a delightful day! It was nice to escape the city for a day and enjoy Sewickley. Where should we explore next?

*Note: We're renting this house in Lawrenceville with an extra bedroom + bathroom {guest suite!} for when folks from Texas come visit this summer. It was a mad dash to finish it, what with our first guest coming in mid-April. Look out for a post on the finished suite!


  1. It appears I need to make a road trip. ESPECIALLY to House 15143. I want everything!

    1. You should check it out, Sarah! It would be a romantic weekend for you two!

  2. Everything is too cute to boot


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