{31 Blogging Days of May} Home DIY

Many years ago, my fiancé and I walked into a small furniture store in Denison, Texas, looking for a dining room table. We must have looked through the whole store before settling on a pub-style wooden table, complete with six chairs. Chairs with white seats. Had we rethought that one, we might not be here today.
Kyla at Blue Collar Catwalk's {31 Blogging Days} post for today is about doing a home decorating DIY. You're in luck, because Husband recently underwent a chair cushion overhaul. These chairs needed a makeover...about two years ago. They had pasta sauce stains, wood glue residue, and other icky junk defacing the once clean surface. So, we got busy...WITH THIS FABULOUS FABRIC:

Isn't it wonderful?! It's very 60s inspired, and we were thrilled to find it at a big box craft store.
 As the photographer, I documented the process. It seemed like a difficult project, but Husband says it's easy after the first time you do one {then you have 5 more chairs to do!}. 
Measure 6 inches + the Width of your chair seat.
Cut fabric to fit.

Unscrew chair cushions.
Line up the cushion on the fabric.
Fold and staple!
Trim excess.
Screw cushions back in.


  1. So cute! I like it even better than the white. Definitely has more personality now, and I can see how the fabric would really go with the rest of your decor!

  2. Fabulous! That Michael Oates, he's a handy guy!!
    Can't wait to sit on a recovered chair, pet a Kitty and have my coffee!

  3. LOVE IT! Such a good guy that Michael!


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