Photo Blink {Seestor's Visit}

My sister {Seestor, to those that know us well} came in town last week and stayed with us.  We went everywhere and ate a ton of food, but I'll share a photo blink of one of the meals she made for us on a Thursday night:
Left: Roasted {skinless} Asian marinated chicken leg,
on top of a sweet potato mash and garlic beet greens.
 Isn't is super colorful? And, there was a bonus:
Right: Roasted Beet Salad with Herbed Goat Cheese and Mint.
 Husband ate and liked beets for the first time!  {I sound like I'm talking about my toddler cousins, right?!}  Thanks for a wonderful weeknight meal, Seestor!  Miss you already!

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  1. What a pretty dinner! Sadly, I will be one houseguest that does NOT make you a gorgeous, tasty dinner. I'll have to work for my keep in other ways. :)


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