{31 Blogging Days of May} Clothing and Body Type

In today's challenge, Kyla asks, "Does your body type influence your sartorial choices? How does dressing your body empower you to take life head on?"
My answer to this is... YES!
I am built like my father {which is sad in itself}, and have a decent-sized ribcage. This can be a problem when trying on dresses, fitted shirts, or anything tight on the top. I run into problems especially when I'm considering fluffy-fronted shirts. Case-in-point:

via magnifeco.com

I could never, and would never, be able to pull this off. How about you? Do you have items you stay away from?
However, I do love to wear items that make me feel like a million bucks. There's nothing better than being confident. 
{In Other News}
I'm working on my grocery list, sitting at our kitchen table, and planning for this weekend's Cinco de Mayo/Derby party Husband and I are attending. {Oh yes, you read that right. A party for margaritas and racing?! I'm in!} I'm planning to make a Mexican Chocolate Cake...delish! It will probably make an appearance soon!

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  1. Hi Ash -
    We all like to look like a million bucks! And we all have to learn how to dress to disguise the not-so-great parts and accentuate the faboo parts!! I can do a frilly front top fine, there's no way on EARTH I can wear anything remotely tight in the tummy area. Bummer. You always look beautiful. Hair, makeup, clothes, jewelry. Very put together. :-)


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