{31 Blogging Days of May} Style Retrospective

Today is the first day of Kyla's {of Blue Collar Catwalk} 31 {Blogging} Days of May challenge. 31 days, and 31 posts! Be warned, however, that many of her challenges are style-based, and I plan to lifestyle them up!
Today's post is a retrospective look at my style, and I've chosen two photos to share. The first one was my college uniform: relaxed, worn and cute. This was an everyday outfit, y'all. Seriously.
Feeding the ducks with Boyfriend
Necklace: Dustee's | T-Shirt & Jeans: American Eagle
 I'll also reminisce about my first {ever} outfit post, where I was in the middle of the "100+ days of 100+ degree weather" summer in Texas. Bah. SO glad to be done with that!
 Your wardrobe changes as you change your life, yes?

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  1. You are just a cutie pa-too-tee, no matter which stage in life you are!!! Cute shoes too.


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