{31 Blogging Days of May} + Dashes & Dots

One simple question, "What are you coveting this spring?"
Instructions to destruct. I want EVERYTHING, Kyla! She says to dream big, so my first item is HUGE!

Here are just a few things:

{AP Stylebook}
{Pittsburgh Popcorn}
via Pittsburgh Magazine.
{Carnegie Library card}
via Melina1965's Flickr.
Modcloth's All Things Sweet Heel
What are some wishes you have this spring?

In other news, it's time for me to go to the Cinco de Mayo/Derby Party, and finally have some of that Mexican Chocolate Poundcake. Yes! ...And, I need to carb up for the Half Marathon tomorrow! Ahh! It's finally here! Hopefully, I'll survive to blog another day.


  1. Good luck at the 1/2 marathon! I have never heard of pittsburgh popcorn but it must be good :)

    1. Thank you! The half marathon is over {I survived!}, so it's now time for that popcorn. ;)


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