{31 Blogging Days of May} Introduce a New-to-you Blogger

What a fun challenge Kyla has for us today! I get to introduce you to a blogger!

I've been following Holyoke Home for a few years now, and they were recently featured as a Recent Blog of Note on Blogger. They're obviously legit. 
It's a lovely blog about house renovations, and specifically a row house renovation. I started reading as a renter of standard apartments in Dallas, and am now renting a Northeast row house/townhome. It's been a joy to see the house take shape, and to see what the couple have been able to do with the glorious 'bones' they purchased several years ago.
Their photos are great:
Renovated Kitchen.
Their dog, Morgan!
Plus, they live in Massachusetts! {I have a love affair with this state, for sure.}
What are some of your favorite blogs?

{On another note} I had the longest work day EVER today. My deadlines are starting up for this cycle {3 times a year}, and summer will be bittersweet, with the mix of house guests and long hours at work. Eeek! Keep me from stress eating! 


  1. BLUSHING! I am BLUSHING!!!!! Aren't you sweet! Thanks!

    1. Just keep on doing what you do! {And you're welcome!}


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