PGH Dining: Primanti Bros.

I'll be the first to tell you that I was not impressed with Primani Bros. sandwiches. We rolled into Pittsburgh for the first time, after driving from Dallas by way of Nashville. Where should we have dinner after driving for 22 hours? It had to be Primanti Bros., of course.  My first mistake, I'd learn later, was choosing a 'weird' meat. Evidently, there are FAR more popular meat choices than the one I chose. I ordered the cheesesteak {that's popular in Pennsylvania, right?}, which turned out to be mystery meat-like.
Thus, you can see why I was apprehensive when Husband wanted to take our first guest there as soon as he landed in PGH. But, as the good wife I am, I went along.
 Another way we went wrong the first time was by not going to the original location in the Strip. This time, we knew better.

 Waiting for our orders. {I'm the photographer!}
 James' sandwich: Pastrami with all the trimmings. "Trimmings" in PGH means coleslaw and french  fries. Yes, people.
 It's huge!
 Husband's sandwich: Roast beef {beast!}.
 Look at the size of that bread! {This was another fault of the other location I went to. The bread was sliced so thin, it disintegrated as soon as you took a bite.}

Husband's preferred way of eating his sandwich: covered in ketchup.
 One more look at James' sandwich:
Get a good look at that fried egg on the bottom!
That's the way to go for sure.

Second chances are sometimes worth it, and in Primanti Bros case, that's definitely true. After a happy hour, it's the perfect dinner!

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