PGH Dining: The Naked Grape Enoteca

I'm going a bit out of order, and I'm skipping other reviews to write one on the Naked Grape Enoteca. It's worth it. 
We received several recommendations from Husband's coworkers that live in or near Sewickley to try the Naked Grape while we were there on our stay-cation this weekend. We walked in at 5:00PM on Saturday evening, and were immediately seated at our table of choice...outside. The weather was lovely. The tables were not fully extended because the restaurant had just opened for the evening, but the tables could seat up to 5 or 6 people. 
But before we get to the wine and food, take a look at the decor on the inside:
Gift sets and wine accoutrement. 
We sat at the table close to the door, and enjoyed the sunset while looking over their order form menu. The Naked Grape works differently than other wine bars/bistros. They are a wine tasting room, with the availability to order bottles or cases of wine. In PA, that's a beautiful thing. {The laws/regulations here are super strict.}
Our sommelier/owner/waitress/lady friend, Ryta, explained that they serve guests wine flights, which feature the wines they frequently order. Great! Sounds like a plan for dinner to me. Pour me a glass, let me hold my Husband's hand, and I'll take in the air while watching the pedestrians, bicyclists and baby strollers go by. 
Our first wine selection was a Sauvignon Blanc from Chafen Vineyards from California. This was one of our favorites, and so much so that we ordered a bottle to take home. {A white wine that Husband actually likes?! Unheard of!}
We then dove into ordering light bites, starting with the biggest thing on their menu: the cheese and meat plate. And, WAS this a PLATE! Salami, Capicola, salted grapes {how rustic Italian!}, artichokes, three cheese wedges {one cow, one sheep and I think another cow}, almonds, walnuts, apricots, olives, and caper berries. Absolutely worth the price {$14}, and perfect with the white wine. 
We then had the Latah Creek Chardonnay {$15.79/bottle}, followed by the Gold Ring Vineyards' Cabernet Sauvignon {16.49/bottle}.
Ryta, one of the owners, was there each step of the flight, sharing her knowledge with us. She was easy-going, and I enjoyed having her to guide us through our hour and a half dinner.
Ryta with the Gold Ring Vineyard's Cab Sav.
I stopped to snap a photo of their plates. Look at that color!
We finished the meal with a plate of hummus, and the bonus pour they were serving for the evening. It was a Chilean wine, which rank among my top picks. {The Consul Chileno Carmenere to be exact. $15.89/bottle.}
Hummus, served with cracked black pepper crackers and olive oiled toasts.
You can view their wine menu here, which while from December 2011, it still features many of the wines we had on Saturday. 
We are so pleased to have made it to the Naked Grape Enoteca and tasted a few of their wines and bites. From the great prices to the detailed selection of the wines they offered, I'm sure we'll continue to order wines from Ryta and her husband, and visit each time we're in Sewickley. Thanks for a lovely meal!

Neighborhood: Sewickley
Good For: Dates, Happy Hour, Group Dinners, Weekend Activity
Gems: Owners, Wine Quality
Drawbacks: Waiting for your ordered wine to come in!

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  1. That meat and cheese plate looks absolutely delicious, I cannot believe it was only $14! Your blog is making me hungry...

    1. I'm glad it's making you hungry! That is my design. ;)


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