PGH Dining: The Sewickley Cafe

Yes, I'm still writing about Sewickley. It seems like we were there ages ago, but I still have so much to say. Maybe by this weekend I'll be finished, and can get back to city musings. 
Husband and I grabbed an early lunch at The Cafe Gourmet Provisions Sewickley The Sewickley Cafe, located on one of the main drags of the town, Beaver Street. As more people piled in, we discovered there was patio seating in the back {which would had been lovely on a sparkling, sunny day like that.} Instead, we sat at a table near the wall, and took in the long bar, open kitchen and cold case full of layered cakes. We made a mental note.
 We decided to try and order something healthy, but completely lost that thought when we saw the chicken salad and truffled fries. Now, I've had a truffled fry in my time, and could have chosen to pass these up. But, I'm glad I didn't. 
 They were delicious. Crispy, and odorous with that truffly stink. Loved it. 
The chicken was in chunks, which is fine in my book. I can eat this version or the milled-up kind and be happy. This particular chicken salad had a mayonnaise dressing, and featured halved purple grapes. 
Seeded bread crust.
 We also shared the coconut shrimp salad. That's healthy, right? Shrimp? Lettuce? Well, it does have fried shrimp and a butter croissant, but it was light and fresh. We were pleased with the tart dressing that accompanied it, too.

 Finally, since everything had gone to hell in a hand basket, we ordered a large, thick slice of lemon cake. {Which strangely turned out to look strikingly like birthday cake.}
 I'm not a fan of the fluffy, Cool Whip-like icing this cake was covered in, but that didn't stop me from taking a few bites. The lemon flavor of the cake came shining through, but Husband finished it off.

There are so many food options to try in Sewickley, and The Sewickley Cafe holds it's own. My one comment would be for management to consider a less confusing logo, and maybe stick with featuring just the name of the restaurant. Too many words confuse people!

Neighborhood: Sewickley
Good For: Brunch, Lunch
Gems: Patio Seating, Cake
Drawbacks: What is this place called?

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  1. haha, I totally agree about the logo! It's hard to recommend a place to people when you're not sure what it's called.

    1. You begin the conversation with, "I was just at this wonderful place on Saturday that you HAVE to try! It's called...uh..." The logo is the most important part of your image! :)


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