PGH Dining: Dozen Bake Shop

This past weekend, Husband and I went shopping to grab a few things for the guest room. On our trip, we stopped for a snack at Dozen Bake Shop in LoLa. {I just love saying LoLa.} We walked into an empty shop, and I did a silent hoo-rah because I knew I'd be able to take photos and ask questions at my leisure. {How lucky on a Saturday!} There were two young folks manning the counter, who had great attitudes. We began to eye the treats behind the glass:
Blueberry-topped Danishes.
Cinnamon Rolls. Can you imagine these heated up?!
Peanut Butter Bars and Chocolate Brownies.
Dog Treats!
Do you see the Poptarts?
 But, let's be real. We were there for the cupcakes. 
Saturday's Cupcakes. 
Dozen has a schedule for their cupcakes, to keep the sweetness in order. Saturday's cupcakes are: Vanilla Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Pumpkin Chai, Chocolate Maple & Bacon, Cosmo, and Vegan Mostness. It's nice to see they have a vegan option every day.

Trays of Treats on the way to order.
 As we stepped up to order, we sampled a hazelnut and fruit biscotti, which tasted like it was only once-baked, not twice. Perfect for me, because I didn't have coffee to dip it in, and soak it soft.

 After much debate, we finally ordered a Pumpkin Chai and a Chocolate Maple & Bacon. 
 The Pumpkin Chai cupcake was a star. It had great pumpkin-y flavor, which wasn't overpowered by "pumpkin pie spice" that people usually throw in by obligation. The chai spices were a proactive replacement of these usual culprits, and it matched the pumpkin base. This flavor will always make it into the boxes I buy from now on.
Pumpkin Chai.
Chocolate Maple & Bacon.
The Chocolate Maple & Bacon was like a mini competition in itself. The maple and bacon icing was incredible, and the chocolate cake had bacon shards and a hint of coffee...how can you reconcile this in your mind?! 
The icing consistency on both cupcakes was that of what dreams are made of {for me}. It was thick, sugary, and had intense flavor. Probably my favorite cupcake icing of all time. The cake was good, but wasn't able to match that icing. 
While we were in the shop, I briefly spoke to Megan Hart of TLC's Next Great Baker, who was on her way out for the day. If you're reading this now, Megan, I apologize for the absolutely ridiculous comment I made - I was struck by the celebrity bug, and shot my mouth off. Thanks for being so kind with your answer! 

Up next on my list at Dozen Bake Shop, I'll have to try the Elvis and the East End Chocolate Stout. Husband plans to order the Salted Caramel and the Lemon Drop. We may have to stop by for a happy hour for $2 spiked cupcakes!

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  1. This sounds like a PERFECT place to take your parents when they come for a visit!!!! And I'll be purchasing a Doggie treat to go for you-know-who when we get back home! Shhhhh.....don't tell her, it's a surprise!

  2. I got hungry just looking at those photos! Those cupcake looks absolutely heavenly.


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