Dashes and Dots: March

I'd be a little late on getting this post out if it were a February post, but I've been working full-time {and completely forgot!}...so, this will be my March Dashes and Dots post! Forgive me!

{1.} Atelier Glass Studio has so many lovely items I am lusting after! I'd like to revisit their store soon to outfit the house with glass creations.

{2.} I'm a big fan of "local" art, and I'd love to hang this on my wall:

{Are we friends on Pinterest? If not, we should be!}

{3.} Much later this year, Husband and I are planning to make a trip to Seven Springs with some friends! Since this year's "winter" hasn't been much to speak of, we'll try again later this year. It seems like a incredibly fun place. Bring on the spiked hot cocoa and snowboard lessons!

{4.} I still need to have a celebratory dinner at Meat and Potatoes, and STAT!

{5.} Guess what! {A Dash of Spectacular} is now a RANKED BLOG on UrbanSpoon for Pittsburgh. Check me out!

{6.} Thanks to my fabulous Husband, I've booked two De-Knotting Neck & Back massages with this spa in Sewickley! I can't wait for our appointment!

{7.} I'm wishing I had these shoes to begin spring in PGH...but I need these shoes more! The Pittsburgh Half Marathon is less than 2 months away! Eek!

In other news, I've finished my first week at my new job! Since it's with a University, I have today off in honor of their Spring Holiday. The perks have already started!

Also, good luck and best wishes to the Texas Style Council  {TxSC} this weekend! 

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