What I Wore {Sewickley Saturday}

Last weekend, Husband and I continued our "stay-cations" in and around Pittsburgh by visiting the {Borough of} Sewickley. And, guess what - this is what I wore

It was Saint Patrick's Day that Saturday, but I'm not one for wearing emerald-green tshirts and lots of metallic green beaded jewelry. So, I paired my green purse with a mint green stone necklace. My showpiece of the outfit is my circle scarf, which I purchased at American Apparel after seeing my BFF4EVA-N-EVA was gifted one
I love this scarf. I wear it whenever possible. It's incredible because I have a fashionable accessory, scarf, blanket and hood.
As you can see, you can wear this darn thing however you feel. Long, like before;
Looped around your neck;
Or, wrapped around your shoulders, if you're cold. {You can also throw up the fabric on your head for an instant hood!}
Scarf: American Apparel | Necklace: Francesca's | Blouse: Guess
Belt: H&M | Jeggings: J. Crew |  Purse: Michael Kors | Boots: Ralph Lauren
Then, the purse can be styled/worn in three ways: across-the-chest, over-the-shoulder or at the elbow.

We enjoyed Sewickley so much! Stay tuned for a recap!

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  1. That color is perfection on you. Green + orange make your eyes absolutely pop! So lovely. :)


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