PGH Dining: Rita's Italian Ice

Sweets are a must for Husband and I, and we knew we wanted to try Rita's Italian Ice as soon as possible. The weather has turned spring-like, so this want is now a need! We drove to the nearest Rita's, which is in Millvale.  
RIGHT before the line got LONG.
 Rita's features Italian ices, frozen custard and gelati's {which is a mix of the two}.
 This location was hopping on a Tuesday night, and had many types of folks in line. 
 Husband opted for the gelati, in oreo. He loved having the option of eating both the icey part and the thick custard. 
 I chose to get the frozen custard {my favorite} in the chocolate and vanilla combination. 
 Covered in hot fudge, of course.
Glamour shot in the car.
We both got small sizes {a small and a kid's size}, and they were more than enough for a dessert. The prices was on-point for custard, too. We liked the variety of flavors, especially for the ices. We'll be frequenting this local favorite often this summer.

Neighborhood: Millvale {And other locations!}
Good For: Dates, Quick Desserts
Gems: Flavor Choices, Inventive Options
Drawbacks:  - 

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