The Biggest Loser Season 12, Recaps & Finale

Biggest Loser Episodes 8, 9, 10, etc. & Finale Recaps/Thoughts

Well, it's been awhile. But, to my credit, I've been without a TV for quite awhile. Now that it's back, I'm filling that fitness void with BL12!*

In episode 8 (I think), Jessica was voted off, and Ramon was taking it really hard. Hard enough that he's jeopardize his other friendships in the house.  Love can ruin a lot.

The other episodes I either missed because of the move, or missed because I didn't have TV. Sad day.

However, I got to see the finale last night, and yes, I do have some comments about that. First, it seems as though our finalists are John (of course!), Antone (Good for him!), and Ramon. Ramon is there because he won the marathon (26.2 mile course in the desert, essentially), and won his spot to compete in the finals. That's incredible! He looks great, and I'm proud that he can now run that far and for that long of a distance.

The Final Three

Thankfully, they had a moment for Jessica to let the world know that she and Ramon are still together, but aren't getting engaged that night! So many BL couples have made that move (mistake in my book) to get engaged on national television. I'm glad they've taken some time to actually date, instead of rushing into things just because they feel the pressures of the women across America.

Jessica and Ramon share a kiss at the Finale.

On another note, it was very surprising to me that Jennifer won the $100,000 at-home prize. I guess Bob instilled enough of his love in her heart that she... Bluh!

So yes, I've been avoiding saying it. John won the Biggest Loser Season 12. He just irked me the whole way, starting with his "dumb woman from Texas" comments to Sunny on one of the first episodes.

CAN WE TAKE A MINUTE TO TALK ABOUT HOW FABULOUS SUNNY LOOKED!? Oh my goodness! She's obviously worked so hard, and hasn't let up since she left the Ranch. She is inspirational to me, and I wish other women that I used know back in Texas would read about her story.

Sunny after the Makeover Episode I missed, not at the Finale.

Overall, this was a mostly drama-free season. I personally like the couples or family versions rather than this approach by age from this past season. From the previews for next season, it looks like we'll be back to the old BL ways of pairs...but sans Anna! Did anyone else notice she wasn't in any of the previews? I thought she did an excellent job this season. Husband pointed out that she may have only wanted to do 1 season. She is a international fitness icon after all!

What are your thoughts on the season? Are you happy with the results?

*Don't worry. I'll get signed up with a gym soon. Any Pittsburgh favorite gyms out there?

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