First Care Package

Now that I've stopped CRYING MY EYES OUT, I'll take some time to post about the wonderfully sweet care package I received from my Mom & Dad in Texas.

Giada, the cat, sniffing out the open box.

Husband and I had told the whole family to not get us gifts this year, mainly because we wouldn't be able to reciprocate (what with the mailing, timing, and the gift itself). My parents decided to completely disregard that request (woo!) and send us a few things.

Handwritten note from my Mom.
 It's funny. Husband and I haven't really felt like it was the holiday season, or that Christmas is just nine days away, mainly because we've been so caught up with the move. When I opened the box of presents from my parents, I realized that I haven't felt like it was the holidays because I associate that time of year with seeing family. Since there's no family in Pittsburgh, I haven't been feeling the Christmas Spirit! Thus, I broke down in tears and sobbed as I pulled each item out of the box.

A stocking for Ina.

A stocking for Giada.

A Present (or two!) for Husband and I.
Before, we didn't have any presents under (or near) the tree. We are spending our gift money on the house, stocking our pantry, and outfitting ourselves with snow boots.

Giada beginning to chew on the shiny gold ribbon.
Hopefully these gifts will last through December 25th! (Against the odds and snappy cat traps!)

What denotes the 'holiday season' or 'spirit' for you?

*Note: This was my 300th post! What a great subject to post about for a milestone.

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