Feasting Part 2: Christmas Day & Post-Day

Christmas Day had arrived, and we were still recovering from the night before. What a meal! Today's menu consisted of a brunch of egg nog pancakes, followed (many hours later) by a dinner of Ina Garten's fillet of beef bourguinon. 

Husband surprised me that morning with a full stocking!

My stocking.
Again, we hadn't planned on giving any gifts or stockings this year because of the move

My stocking spoils. 
Luckily, Husband had the foresight to fill his stocking, too. I usually play by the rules, see?

Husband's Stocking
After stockings, I went upstairs to take a shower and get dressed for the day while Husband made the breakfast. He did a great job, making his own egg nog (rather than buttermilk) pancakes, turkey sausage, and sliced honey crisp apples. Yum!

We then spent some time Skyping with our families. Skype is such a great invention, and I'm so glad my Dad encouraged me to download it. 

We headed northeast to visit some of Husband's family that afternoon. Again, it was so nice to see family and get to know new people. We were able to download the Skype app onto Husband's iPhone (I left my Android at home), and let his mom Skype with some of her family members she hadn't seen in more than 40 years! What a cute and awkward moment. Sorry, Martie!

The next day we set up as Chef and Sous Chef to make fillet of beef bourguinon, since we had eaten dinner with Husband's family the night before. Flexibility -  it's great! Husband expertly sliced through the beef tenderloin fillet, careful not to cut through muscle, and only along seams. (Thanks, Anne Burrell!) 

He then followed the directions to brown the fillets, brown lardons, and scrape up that lovely crud on the bottom of my prized Le Creuset

He added in vegetables, stock and other delish ingredients. 

To make THIS.

Again, with the Cabernet.

Also featured again in our meal were treats from La Gourmandine
We had a loaf of wheat bread and two desserts. 

Their signature lemon tart, obviously for Husband.

And, a Buche de Noel for me.

What a fantastically cute dessert!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


  1. That looks so yummy, I can't stand it! And, perfectly cozy for Christmas. :)

  2. What a wonderful Christmas - filled with stocking goodies and teamwork in the kitchen!
    Life is good - love makes it better!

    Pictures of the kitchen creations are really nice.

  3. @Michelle It was yummy...or parts of it! :)

    @Mom Yes, I couldn't believe it! Michael (somewhat) kept the stocking a secret. And, thanks!


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