Sights Around PGH

Two weekends ago, Husband and I took a walking tour of several neighborhoods, while noshing on cookies.  We started in Upper Lawrenceville, which is where we live. After rounding  a corner, we noticed this beauty of a storefront - complete with pig logo!

 We saw that is was to be a restaurant, and a pork-centric one at that! It's called Cure, and it should be opening soon. They have something of a Web site, but nothing's fleshed out.

Cure's front door.
It's a charcuterie, and right down the street from us! So lucky!

Pig Logo.
 As we moseyed along, we noticed several things in our neighborhood, as we made it into Central Lawrenceville. Brunch places, a French patisserie, design shops, bars, a butcher shop, a doggie daycare, restaurants, laundromats, and this neat tattoo place!
I like the logo for Inka Dinka Doo.

Also, Lawrenceville has a logo of it's own, which is posted on the trashcans, which adorn most street corners. You can read about the significance of the logo here. 

Logoed Trashcan.
 We walked through Lower Lawrenceville, or LoLa, and into the Strip District. The Strip is the area of town with the produce stands, farmer's markets, and otherwise Italian-influenced restaurants and shops. We chose to go on a game day, and it was a mess! Through the crowds of people, we managed to see several other ethnic shops like an Asian market, Greek food stand, African grilled meat stand, etc. We'll have to go back when it's not so busy, and not on a Saturday!

As we walked toward Downtown, we saw one of the Heinz buildings. (Husband works in the business park where Heinz does their testing on new products. I told him I'd be a guinea pig anytime!) It's too bad I took these pictures during the day, because the light-up sign wasn't as bright. As you can see, it is a ketchup bottle pouring ketchup over the Heinz logo. Cute!

 In the brief part of Downtown we saw, I noticed tall buildings with old 'built dates' on the sides. I also noticed this guy. 

Then, we caught a cab back to our hotel (which we were in at the time). 6 miles in one day is enough exploring for me! Maybe we'll get to do it again this weekend, but I think we have too many errands to do!


  1. I wanna go to that tattoo shop, it looks fun! :)

  2. We should go check it out whenever you visit!


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