She's Back in My Life!

Since we moved across country to PA, we signed up for a new cable provider. To my delight, we now have the Cooking Channel, another spin-off from Food Network (yet, somehow 'cleverly' disguised as hip and new). Prior to getting this new channel, I noticed that one of my favorite shows had been pushed to a late-night spot on the dial. Around 3:00am, this show would air, and I had to DVR it to catch it. Then, all of a sudden, it vanished completely. 

As I was flipping around the guide, I noticed the show had settled onto the Cooking Channel. It's still somewhat late-night, but it was there. 

Nigella Lawson has landed on the Cooking Channel, to my delight!

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I have been recording every episode of Nigella Express and Nigella Feasts that graces the airwaves.

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As I was looking for THIS FABULOUS RECIPE I CAN'T WAIT TO MAKE, I learned that recently she has slimmed down. What is this? Nigella Lawson's weight loss journey?! The voluptuous dame has always been the icon for thicker girls around the world. Why would she ever want to change what she was given? I'm not sure, but I think she looks great either way.

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(Forgive the terrible juxtaposition.)
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Husband agrees. Who wouldn't? She looks lovely in her bright yellow jacket with close-fitting black pants and boots. Sure, it's a slimming outfit, but she does look many pounds lighter.

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For those of us on our own weight loss journey, this is somewhat confusing. Why wait until you're 50-something to slim down? I love her and her style, and I'm happy for her either way and at any weight!

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