What I Wore Today: Errand Saturday

This past Saturday, Husband and I were out running errands in the flurries. We needed to mail Christmas cards, grab Secret Santa gifts, grocery shop, and drop off dry cleaning. 

Sweater: H&M | Tshirt: Merona | Leggings: H&M

Since it was barely 32 outside and beginning to snow, I threw on an extra shirt and my new snow boots.

 These particular boots are rubber on the bottom with excellent tread, and a waterproof lining on the top. Function and form!

Boots: Sperry Topsider
 I love these boots!

Waterproof AND a wedge heel?! Winner!
 I added one of my favorite owls, in the form of a necklace my Grandma used to have. 

Necklace: Grandmother's antique

Since I wasn't driving, I opted to toss the Christmas cards in the mailbox. Look at the flurries!

Butler Street


  1. I can't believe you need snow boots! I'm a little jealous...the highs are still in the 50's and 60's here. For the most part, I like not wearing heavy clothes, but sometimes it's nice to bundle up!

  2. Love those! You look ridiculously cute! Welcome to snow territory. It usually brings the 'pain' in January/Feb...this is an 'off' season too. We had at least three snow days this time last year...

  3. @Michelle Is it wrong that I was super excited to buy them? It was almost a challenge to find something both cute and functional. At least I took it as a challenge!

    @Celia Thanks! Yes, I can't wait to welcome the snow..whenever it decides to get here!


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