Check it out, folks! I made a fancy Amazon Wishlist for your purchasing delight!
*Note: Since I now live far away from many people I know, it might be easy to just pick something gorgeous and ship it straight here, rather than fooling with USPS (as wonderful as they are) or FedEx (as wonderful as they are). Easy peasy, see?
*Note 2: There is no coincidence in me posting about my Wishlist fifteen days before my birthday. This is in real time, people! 
*Note 3: A Skype conversation will be a perfectly wonderful birthday gift, too. Call me at AshleyOates!


  1. Amazon wish lists are the best! They make Christmas shopping super easy.

  2. I just discovered the Wishlist last year, but didn't really have a use for it until now. Hopefully this will make things easy for people that don't know what to get me, or for those that don't want to fool with the shipping business! :)


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