Crafty: Clove-Studded Orange

 When I was much younger my Granny taught me how to make a decorative clove-studded orange {sometimes called a Pomander} while sitting in her kitchen one day. It's a simple thing, and can be used as an air freshener or as a hostess gift. I'd keep it for myself, considering the spicy but sweet smell of the finished product.

Items needed:
1 orange
1 8-10 inch section of ribbon
1/4 cup whole cloves
Paring knife

First, collect all of your items needed for the craft. 
Assorted sizes of whole cloves.
I prefer the larger ones, so you can see the delicate flower shape on the end.
This is a fun craft for when you have a surplus of oranges.
 Next, you wrap the ribbon section around the circumference of the orange, and secure with a few cloves after making a tiny incision with the paring knife. 
Secure the ribbon onto the orange.
 Then, poke other cloves into the orange's skin in any pattern you want. I usually go for stripes, so you can see the orange skin, too.
Clove Stripe.
After a few cloves, your pattern will begin to take shape.
 After you've finished your pattern, you're done! Feel free to place or gift.
Connect ribbon at the top to make a bow.

 Mine is adorning the end of my mantle. The smell is delicious and homey.

Are you making any holiday crafts?


  1. That's such a good idea! Oranges always make me think of Christmas. :)

  2. I'm lucky to have a Granny who knows these things! I haven't made one in so long, but I got a hankering to make one for our new neighbors. (They loved it!)


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