Cemetery Walk

Well, it's happened.  I'm sick.  I knew it would happen, considering I'd moved to a new place, but it's pretty cruddy.  I'm pretty cruddy, too.  I've been feeling this way since Wednesday morning, but I'd been suspecting it was coming on since Monday.  I think it's time to head to see the doctor. Or at least visit a CareNow or Urgent Care for some quick-fix. 

Before I go, I'll leave you with a few photos from Husband and my walk on Sunday afternoon in the park *ahem* cemetery near our house. Joggers, dog walkers and baby strollers all use the pathways around the Allegheny cemetery to get exercise in a safe, low-traffic place. Kind of a smart idea, I'd say. We checked it out, and it was a nice work out.

Entrance gate to the Allegheny Cemetery, from Butler Street.

Gravestones under a beautiful blue sky.

Two trees grow on the sides of a monument.

We saw a family of deer.

And, geese!

Husband with a blue spruce.
I'll be back to normal soon!


  1. Hi Mrs. Oates -
    No doubt Stephen King would be real proud of y'all - strolling thru a cemetery!!!!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh no, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Last night I woke up and realized that I had been struck with something that I think is going to turn out to be a sinus infection. Boo to being sick for Christmas. :(

    Feel better soon!!

  3. @Mom Oh good. I'll let Stephen know when we have tea next week. ;) I went to an Urgent Care place, had a good experience, and am now going to a specialist tomorrow. Quick service!

    @Michelle I've NEVER been sick at Christmas before. (At least not that I remember.) At least we don't have 5 houses/parties to attend. I hope you get to feeling better, too!


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