Christmas Tree Day

I took a break from the boxes, and decided to put up my Christmas tree today. 

Albeit a setback on unpacking, it was a nice relaxing morning/afternoon. 

 My tree is basically red, gold, and white, with a touch of woodland creature.

I'm telling ya, pre-lit trees are the way to go. Who wants to mess with stringing lights on pointy needles, fake or real? Oh, and they HAD to be white lights. To go with the theme, yes?

 Don't mind the broken glass ornaments. They're still good. We have cats, ya know. 

Most of our ornaments are from Target and Crate and Barrel, 
as they are abundant in woodland creature-ness. 

It put a smile on my face to pull out some of my favorite ornaments 
like the following one, an owl, which was made for me by The Best.

And, put on new ones.

I bought this pierogi ornament from Wildcard on the Lawrenceville Cookie Tour. It's made by Alicia Kachmar of EternalSunshine, and you can view her Etsy shop here. So cute!

 Now, it's finished!

Well, except for the topper. Yes, the photo is intentionally cropped. Wink. 
Thoughts on which type of topper we should get? No Santas or Angels, please! 

P.S. - I recently got a new camera, which is why my photo quality has somewhat improved. Yay for point-and-shoots!


  1. Love it!! I'm jealous of your woodland critters.
    Get a star topper- that's what we have and I think it's perfect.

  2. Target has some cute woodsy toppers! I have the gold/silver glitter star!

  3. Yay, I made it onto your tree! :) I love the woodland theme. Also, those crocheted ornaments are SO cute!

  4. Thanks, guys! We bought a super woodland-y star made from wood and berries at Target last night. It now adorns the top!


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