Christmas Cards and Pantry Units Galore!

Little by little, the house is coming together.

I began looking for jobs on Monday, and have found quite a few opportunities to apply for. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, a feeling I'll likely have for many months. 

On another note: We've started getting mail! I know this is childish of me, but there's something special about receiving mail from your family and friends. So far, I've received three Christmas/holiday cards in the last two days. I need to get on the stick! 

Three cards on my fridge
I am planning to send a newsletter out with my cards (which hasn't been written!). Last night, I looked for my boxes of cards I had saved for sending out once I got here, but they were nowhere to be found. I grabbed a few replacement boxes at Target, in hopes that my others will turn up.

The real news is that I'm a hoss. Because this is an old house (built circa 1900), there isn't a lot of built-in storage. Even though there is a ton of space in each room, there aren't defined spaces for storing items. Until I came along. 
To solve the lack of pantry space in the kitchen, I BUILT these two units, which we purchased from good 'ole IKEA
Don't mind the cat.
Side unit for storing glasses and glassware.
Large unit, with doors, for pantry storage.
It's great for hiding all of these unsightly pantry goods!

Husband was so surprised and pleased that I built these units. I sure impressed him! (Actually, I think I just saved him a TON of weekend work!)

Then, I had to throw in a towel storage unit for our dainty bathroom on the second floor. (Pun intended.)

The unit fits towels, toilet paper, extra bathroom items and my Qtips!

It sits next to my hamper - a perfect match!
Readers, do not be fooled. 
I did in fact use a Phillips head screwdriver, hammer, level, and other tools to put these units together.

AND, with IKEA 'picture' instructions! 


  1. That's my baby!!!
    Oh, get real. You KNOW your Dad does not let me NEAR his hammer OR level or any of those other cool tools. Probably because I lose or break or get pink nailpolish on his stuff......
    Good Job!

  2. Yay, we made it to the fridge!

    There is something super rewarding about putting together those IKEA shelves. I'm planning a closet re-organization for December/January, so I guess I need to break out the old tool box. Your house is looking amazing!

  3. @Mom - Thanks! I'm sure you'd be fine using any tools to fix or put something up!

    @Michelle - Ooh, closet reorganization! That sounds very Carrie Bradshaw of you. Can't wait to see photos! And, thanks!


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