New Home: New Uses for Old Things

Michael bought this owl statuette for Christmas last year, as we always try to be modest in our gifts to each other. It's a perfect gift for me, and so well thought out. The blue-grey of the stone it's carved from is pleasant and cooling. In Texas, it's home was on the mantle, above the fire place. 

Here in Pennsylvania, it's new home is in our bedroom.

In our century-old home, our bedroom door isn't cut perfectly. The door wants to swing slowly closed, even if I want it open. Thus, a doorstop is needed. Also, since the door has a gap at the bottom, no ordinary doorstop would do.

The owl statue is the right one for the job.

Against the door. 

 It's ironic that this statuette was made to serve an aesthetic function, and now has found a completely new role in the new home. I'm sure I'll find other uses for old items, giving them new life.

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