What I Wore Today: Birthday Weekend Opener

Husband surprised me Friday night of my birthday weekend {this weekend!} with dinner at Tamari. I'll post a review shortly, but now it's time for the outfit! 

It was short notice, so I just threw on some favorites. It was a mild night, about 50ish degrees, so I just opted for my favorite classic trench coat. 

Coat: Banana Republic | Sweater: J Crew | Jeans: J Crew

Shoes: DSW

Towards the end of our 'photoshoot,' a cute little French bulldog came up to me. His people were walking him, and he wanted to say hello. As it turns out, his name is Lincoln, and is pretty famous around Lawrenceville.

Word on the street {literally}, he's the Mayor of a couple Butler Street mainstays. 

How adorable is Lincoln? His people, Kelly and Nate, were fun, too!

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