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Biggest Loser Season 13 came on earlier this week, and I caught up with the first episode last night. I will spare you the details, however, because my poll indicates most of my readers do not prefer TV posts. (Imagine that!) I do want to tell you about the statistics on my Biggest Loser posts.
BL13 Contestants via fitsugar.com

Of my top 10 most view posts of all time, two of them are Biggest Loser specific. Another two mention BL players or trainers. In the past month, my Biggest Loser Season 12 recap post has been viewed 83 times. That's more than triple the number of views any one of my non-TV-related posts ever get.

Similarly, my posts about Nigella Lawson also get dozens of hits.

This is all interesting to me because most of my usual readers don't want to read about cooking shows or reality weight loss TV. Google is a beautiful thing.

On another fitness-related note, Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 is killing me slowly. I just finished day three, and my legs have likely never been more sore. Only 27 more days!

Do you other bloggers have posts that for some reason get tons of hits?

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  1. I get the most traffic when I advertise my posts on FB. Go figure!


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