What I Wore Today {Men's Winter Version}

It's time for another edition of "What I Wore Today," but this time, from the northeastern male perspective! Husband let me take these photos of him last weekend {after it snowed}, on our weekend walk through the Allegheny Cemetery {or park. whichever.}.  
This 'outfit' is typical for him on the weekends.  Just trade the jeans for slacks, and you have his morning attire for going to work. Also note, this is Husband's first modeling gig, so give him some credit.
Walking up the path to the perfect "modeling spot," as deemed by me.
 Model shot #1, showing off the full ensemble.
Hat {Similar} & Jacket: The North Face | Scarf: Lacoste
Jeans {Similar}: Citizens of Humanity | Boots: Sorel

GQ Shot.
Smiley shot.

This particular jacket is a Tri-Climate style, which can be worn three ways. There is an inner 'dry shell' coat and an outer layer coat, too. The two can be worn together to create a whole other coat, which is very warm.
A warm scarf is a must.
Overall, I think he did a great job! Thanks, Husband, for being my model! 
What types of winter clothing do the males wear in your life?  Guys, what are your favorite things to wear to keep warm?
If you're interested in purchasing any of the items Husband is wearing, check the links underneath the third photo. You're welcome!


  1. What a CUTE Guy you are married to! A true Texan from head to toe!
    The snow looks nice and the picture of the tree is just beautiful - looks like a post card!

    1. I'm sure he'd appreciate you saying that!
      Also, it WAS like a postcard that day! So beautiful. I'm glad it's back!


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