PGH Dining: Espresso a Mano

For my first Pittsburgh "food blogger" post, I'm going to write about a coffee shop in -where- Lawrenceville
Espresso a Mano is a coffee shop on Butler Street, a qualification you can note about many other coffee shops in this neighborhood. It stands out with it's play-on-words name, and how it draws it's customers in with a large menu, fresh coffee smell, and local art for sale hanging on the exposed brick walls. 
Husband and I have been to Espresso a Mano twice now: once for a late-night dessert and espresso, and the other just last night for an after-dinner drink. The first visit we went a bit crazy, ordering several things  at the counter and on the menu. 
Our haul: chocolate covered marshmallows, sea salt and caramel macaroon, peppermint macaroon, orange-spiked Taza chocolate, cappuccino, and chipotle-spiked hot chocolate. 

I ordered my usual cappuccino (spilling the beautiful design as I set the cup and saucer on the table!), and Husband requested something a bit more dessert-like. He noticed the extensive setup of Taza chocolates, an artisan Mexican-style circle of chocolate, and asked the barista to make a spicy hot chocolate. The barista informed us that was an item about to be added to the regular menu, and said he'd be happy to make Husband one with the chipolte-spiked Taza chocolate. 
My drink was perfectly composed and the taste was on-point. Husband's drink was warm, and left a little spicy tickle in the back of your throat. It was a great end to a dinner at another local favorite, Piccolo Forno.
Last night we mirrored our first visit, following a dinner at a close-by restaurant. This time we were much more moderate in our order, sticking to sharing a caramel macchiato and two chocolate-covered oreos. 

Lovely again. We even picked up a few freebies, in the form of a funky postcard. Smart, Espresso a Mano!
Be sure to check out this coffee spot, located at 3623 Butler Street. 

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