What I Wore Today: Museum New Year's Eve

 Saturday Husband treated me to a museum day around Pittsburgh. (Get ready for the photos!) I got excited about putting together my outfit, because as you know, you have to dress up to walk around the museum. So, I put on an outfit, and I walk down the stairs. Husband looks at me and says, "Why don't you wear some normal clothes?" What are these 'normal' clothes, I asked. Jeans, was his reply. Who wears jeans when you go to the museum!?

I informed him that I would wear what I please, and I felt like being pretty and special that day. Silly Husband. 
Here's what I came up with, using my first Modcloth dress.

Dress: ModCloth's Hometown Overlook Dress
Sweater: Merona/Target | Tights: George/Walmart

At the Heinz Museum
Dress Hem
Pit Stop at Caribou Coffee, a new favorite.

Patterns in my coat, dress and tights.
We headed to the Heinz History Center first. It was an interesting mix of Pittsburgh history, western Pennsylvania sports history, political history, and art.  

 Of course, there was half a floor dedicated to the Heniz Company history. My favorite part was their use of advertisements to get people to purchase their products. It would have worked for me!

Ignore the terrible focus and lines of these photos. I was going quickly!

 After a quick stop at Caribou Coffee for a Northern Lights Latte and REI for their garage sale (no luck!),  we headed to the Carnegie Museum of Art. When we drove into Pittsburgh for the first time, I saw a billboard for the Teenie Harris special exhibit at the Carnegie. Such wonderful photos.

The layout of the exhibit was perfect. Five rows of his prints (made from the originals), framed in white, on the museum wall. Perfect for viewing. Then, down the middle of the room, there were banks of computers with digital versions of the prints along the wall.

For a lifetime of work, it was an incredible sight. 

 In Harris' several decade-long career, he took many amazing photos. These are a few of my favorites. 

 The museum itself was gorgeous, too. 

Gallery hall. 

As we were leaving, we saw a large metal sculpture of an old compass rose. 

These two museums are must-sees for Pittsburgh visitors. I'm glad I was able to check them out on our New Year's Eve!


  1. Those are "normal" clothes! Boy don't get it. You look so pretty, love the new dress!

  2. The blog is called "A Dash Of Spectacular" for a REASON. Ash is a dash of SPECTACULAR all by herself!
    Pop and I are ready to see the museums. Looks like fun!

  3. @Michelle He doesn't know the definition of 'normal' clothes at all! I make him dress up all of the time. Mostly, I tell him to do his hair and not wear a hat. ;)

    @Mom I can't wait for you two to come visit and see them!

  4. You look so gorgeous! Good luck with the marathon training. The Pitt one is a lot of fun I hear!

  5. @Celia Thank you! I'm not starting to train until I finish my Jillian Michaels DVD (too cold/snowy to run outside). Then the real fun will begin! I'd love any tips you can give a novice runner!


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