Life Update & Thanks!

It's the start of 2012, and I find myself in an interesting spot. No resolutions to speak of, just reflection. I'm one year older, and taking on so many new things in life.
Food Blogger. 
Job Seeker. 
Health Nut. 
Outfit Posting Newbie. 
Southern Transplant. 
Baby 'Burgher.
I'm in a new city {Pittsburgh!}, and I'm enjoying discovering new things about the Northeast. It's almost as if each corner I turn I find something incredible to eat/see/buy or learn something new.  I've been on the search for a new job,  after having to leave one in Texas that I loved. I've been having interviews, and am hopeful I find the 'right fit' for me soon. I'm working on reaching my healthy weight, and meeting every challenge along the way.

In addition to all of that, I'm continually trying to let my true voice come out through my blogging. 

I'm thankful to have readers, or friends rather, who support me in my life. 
Thank you!


  1. What a beautiful girl!

    1. Thanks, Mom! I wouldn't be here {or look this good!} without YOU! ;)

  2. You are gorgeous, but inside and out. Love you, Martie


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