Saturday in the Strip!

The last time Husband and I adventured to The Strip District here in Pittsburgh, aka the Strip, it was a mess. Too many people, too much pre-game hype and nowhere to walk but in the street. Saturday, we decided to go back, mainly because we felt we needed xiaoxing wine, and knew we could get it there. {Backstory: We'd recently watched a show on the Cooking Channel called Easy Chinese: San Francisco, and the host, Ching-He Huang, uses this rice wine in most recipes she makes.} After gathering a list of things we needed for the week, we decided to do our grocery shopping there, too. You can get everything in the Strip!
Our first stop was to Wing Fat Hong, at the eastern end of the Strip. 
Bags of rice in the window, stacked high.
We walked in and stared at all they had to offer. Tons and tons of asian ingredients, spices, oils, sauces, vinegars, fresh vegetables, fish, candies, etc. We went crazy! A few of the staff spoke English, and were nice enough to answer our questions.  I felt a little odd trying to take photos inside, so just I snapped a quick one of the fresh persimmons near the checkout counter. 
Someone I know bakes the {BEST} cookies from these beauties.
Husband holding our box of spoils from WFH.
We then ambled down Penn Ave. towards S&D Polish Deli for a pierogi pitstop. On his first visit out here, Husband had tried a 'pierogi' from a chain grocer. His resulting report wasn't good, and I told him we'd have a do-over with a homemade one from a cart or in the Strip. We ordered the potato and cheddar ones, served with buttery onions on top. YUM!
We also ordered  potato pancakes {can you tell we like potatoes?}, and two small candies. 
These pancakes were served with granulated sugar and sour cream. I chose the sour cream and my sweet tooth Husband had a few bites with the sugar.
Hazelnut for him, cherry for me.
Despite his face, he liked the chocolate. Mine was filled with cherry liquor, and I was surprised when I bit into it. Hello, alcohol!

Before leaving S&D, I spied my favorite mustard, and snapped one up. You could find this mustard in Dallas at the European Market on Forest Lane next to Asian Mint. I was thrilled to find this cute barrel of mustard here, too! {Warning, it's a bit too spicy for some.}

We looked around the Pennsylvania Macaroni CompanyWholey's, Stan's Market, Reyna Foods, and other shops before heading home with our haul. Take a look!
Box from Wing Fat.
WFH items laid out nicely. All of this for $30!
Look at the prices!
Husband {HAD} to have candy and Pocky. Also, some MSG.
Stan's Market items, all for less than $6!
Items from the Penn Macaroni Company, including fresh rosemary pasta!
Finally, Husband bought a piece of kitchen equipment from In The Kitchen he's been wanting for what seems like our whole marriage: a food mill. Not a potato ricer, but a food mill. Usually these cost somewhere between $60-$150, depending on quality and size. We scored this one that was used in a demo for $20! It's smaller than those massive restaurant-sized ones, so it's perfect for our two-person family. 
 That night, we had a delicious meal of rosemary pasta dressed with olive oil and parmesan shavings, spinach salad, this go-to garlic herb bread and grilled lemon chicken. All from the Strip! It was a definite win this time around.

I hope you had a great weekend, too! 

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  1. AHHHH! POCKY!!! My favorite treat as a kid, the strawberry is amazing and so are the chocolate ones! Enjoy!! Also I love the flower candy as well. You got a lot of great ingredients, too bad our prices in Chicago aren't as good.

    1. I discovered Pocky in high school when a friend brought a variety pack to school one day. WHAT A DAY! It's such a cute treat.
      I'm so excited we have a few great Asian markets here in Pittsburgh. We're lucky!


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