Photo Blink & Tying Loose Ends

At some point today, I knew I was going to make time to post. Life has been incredibly busy since I last sat down to update {ADOS}. Mainly, I'm talking about all of the jobs I've been applying for and the house repairs we've been having. I mean, it is a house built in the early 1900s. You'd expect for it to have some shortcomings, especially after a huge renovation and overhaul. AND, it was 5 degrees on Friday, causing our kitchen sink pipes to freeze. Who ever heard'a frozen pipes?! This girl hadn't.

Anyway, I've been knee-deep in job applications and repair people for the last several days, and haven't had time for the lovely blog. I do have my priorities!

As sort of an update and tying up loose ends, Husband and I got busy {not like that, people!} and weren't able to enjoy the remainder of Pittsburgh Restauarant Week. We had intended on visiting both Meat & Potatoes and Frantuary, but life got in the way. I'll put those two high on the list for February. {Can you believe we're only a week away!?}

Finally, here's a blink at the last week or so, in photo form.
Another masterpiece from Espresso a Mano.
There's a review coming shortly for a favorite madeline stop - La Gourmandine!
There's also a post coming on a certain mans-wear for the winter.
I used our new XiaoXing rice wine to steam fish fillets in my bamboo steamer. Yum!
I made these Lasagna Cupcakes for dinner, and Husband adores them!
We purchased these gorgeous free-range eggs.
These are the lovelies Sephora sent me for my birthday!
Now that I've promised future posts, you know they'll happen. 
It's now time for me to go sweep & mop my dirty floors! {Who knew that snow and salt mixtures would be so tough to clean!?} Happy Wednesday, y'all!

P.S. - Only 5 more days to vote in my poll! Do it!


  1. I only got the lip balms from Sephora for my bday! They're pretty awesome, though.

    Also, I love the coffee designs! I need to find a place in Dallas that does that. :)

    1. Well, my statement wasn't entirely accurate, now that I've reread it. I bought the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo ($11), but the rest was free. I like the clear Sugar balm, but not the red one. For some reason, it's much more mushy and doesn't spread evenly. :-/ How are yours?

  2. I'm looking forward to reading more posts! Good luck again on the job search. Maybe one of these days we can meet up for a drink in PGH.

    1. Thanks, and I'd love to take you up on that drink! There are so many places I need to try.


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