What I Wore {to Birthday Dinner!}

Sunday night {my actual birth date}, Husband took me to a schmancy restaurant in Dahntahn*.  More on that to come, in the form of a PGH Dining post.  For now, let's discuss the outfit. 
Husband did the best he could with the 'romantically dark' restaurant lighting. 
I bought this dress from H&M about 5 months ago for my sister-in-law's 21st birthday shin-dig, but it was  too tight the night of the party, and on top of THAT, I made the mistake of spraying oil-based perfume on it at the last minute. SO, that made up my mind for me. I chose to wear another dress. {However, the Birthday Girl Amanda was gorgeous!!!}
I {Love} the bow detail on the dress!
Dress: H&M | Bracelets: J Crew | Tights: Target | Heels: unlisted
The "New" Profile Picture

This dress is for sure one of my favorites. It's dusty grey color is lovely, and compliments most of my accessories. AND, can you beat H&M's prices!? I believe I bought this dress for around $30. Incredible!

Thank you again to my wonderful Husband for a fantastic birthday!

*Note: "Dahntahn" is Pittsburghese for Downtown, or the Golden triangle. LOVE this!


  1. Beautiful color, and so flattering. You are looking HOTHOTHOT these days. :)

  2. Hope you had a fabulous birthday! Love the color of your dress.

  3. You look really pretty, the dress looks amazing on you.. love the bow, too :)

    1. Thank you, Katha! I love the dress, and I love H&M! The bow is my favorite part, as I don't have a lot of them in my wardrobe.


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